Auto Pay Agreement

Monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" Agreement ” and “Dream Team Freedom" contained in this disclaimer hereafter and represents that he/she is 18 years of age or older.

Payment for Monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" Month-to-month fees are to be paid by equal monthly automatic withdrawal pursuant to this “Auto Pay Agreement.” if payments are subject to automatic withdrawal, the following agreement applies.

Credit Card/Auto Pay Agreement

I authorize “Dream Team Freedom” to charge my credit/debit card account, or deduct from my checking or savings account, for payment of

my monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" on the due date shown on my online bill, or on the date I have selected during the signup process.

This authorization will remain in effect until revoked by me, through a written request submitted to Dream Team Freedom requesting any changes to the active status of this payment authorization. I understand that Dream Team Freedom indicated above reserve the right to end this payment plan and my participation therein.

I agree to notify the Dream Team Freedom of changes in the expiration date, card number, or account status.

I agree to allow Dream Team Freedom to store my account information, for the sole purpose of making the indicated payments. I release and hold harmless Dream Team Freedom from liability or damages resulting from the loss or theft of information. All information is held in accordance with the privacy policies of Dream Team Freedom.

All sales are final and non-assignable, there is a three day grace period , monthly fees shall be the amount pursuant to the current fee schedule for the agreed

$30 CLUB MEMBERSHIP/LICENSING FEES. The categories, the rules and matters affecting or relating to the use of the Dream Team Freedom website and back office shall be under complete control of Dream Team Freedom. The fees applicable to any category of the Dream Team Freedom company in it's entirety and any other charges imposed by them ” from time to time pursuant to applicable State law, as well as postings of increases on the website and prior notification. However, GLOBAL AGENTS/AFFILIATES who have entered into a yearly contract (by either paying in full or pursuant to the monthly payment option) SHALL NOT BE subject to an increase during the term. GLOBAL AGENTS/AFFILIATES who have entered into month-to-month (automatic renewal) contracts, SHALL BE subject to the monthly increase beginning the next full month following the increase.


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