It's the #1 Business in the World... is a Home Business with Awesome Tax Benefits. This kind of buiness puts everyone on a level playing field.

Home business's because of being located in a home office are defined by having a very small number of employees, usually immediate family of the business owner.

There is no difference. It is a business where you are paid compensation on people you refer, recruit, enroll, etc. and who buy the companies’ products. As you recruit people into these business's they are put on different levels of your team, with the first recruits being your first level, these levels can sometimes be up to ten levels, compensation for most of them start at the fifth level ,the more levels , the more compensation ,with the objective being to help your team establish their down lines or teams for highest compensation. These companies take advantage of referrals and personal contact to help eliminate their advertising budgets. This type of business plan is responsible for more millionaires and six-figure incomes than any other business model. There is potential for extraordinary achievements and financial gain.

Foremost is the cost of a traditional startup. Example... cost of buying a Franchise $10,000 to over a $Million... cost of buying a piece of property, cost constructing a building and the finish out, as well as having to buy equipment, hiring and paying employees, advertising, utilities, supplies etc. In a Home Based Business you have the initial start up cost usually between $200 $500 to over a $ is a very nominal cost compared to other traditional businesses and all the normal expenses of operating a Brick & Mortar business. You are considered an Independent Contractor with all the tax benefits that are allowed for owning your own Home Base Business as well as having a lot of benefits provided by the company such as a Replicated Website and Back Office management, Tracking etc.

Dream Team Freedom as with any business, it will depend on the amount of time and effort that you are willing to put into your business...unlike other Company's with with their "Trickle Down Effect" compensation. Dream Team Freedom pays most "Up Front" with their compensation simply based on your referrals and your enthusiasm. "Whoever Tells the Story the Most * WINS" with up to 72 % + paid with our one of a kind unique ***Triple Play Pay Plan*** with Referral Royalty Rebates  with NO Traditional MLM Qualifications. You can make as little or as much as you want.

You have a job and you go to work, for time worked you get a paycheck based on the amount of hours that you work, exchanging time for money. The difference with a Home Based Business  you get paid based on the enthusiasm, and how much time you put into your business, you get paid based on referrals and personal contacts and products purchased. Like any other business, the amount of consumers plus consumption of product equals revenue, but with none of the overhead. Perfect! This is how the Rich get Richer called these 3 powerful techniques #1. Duplication... duplicating yourself many times. J Paul Getty said he rather make 1% of a hundred people on their efforts than 100% of his own efforts. #2. Also getting Residuals. #3. Tax benefits owning your Home Base Business...writing off all your business expenses...gas, car expenses, food, part of your home rent or mortage, trips, vacations etc.

Simple, as much time, or as little time that you want to dedicate, it's up to you, as with any business you get what you put into it.

The same as any other business, whatever tax benefits are allowed by law. Tax benefits owning your Home Base Business...writing off all your business expenses...gas, car expenses, food, part of your home rent or mortage, trips, vacations etc.

Simple, go to the web site, read about us... Our Story and become part of our Family Team. Join by going to the SHOP Button.


Unlike other businesses, where you have to advertise, network , and wait, not with Dream Team Freedom, when you see the potential and get excited about what we have to offer, and that is transferred to everyone you come in contact with, they are going to want to have what you have, and when they go to the website and become part of the team, you make money weekly & monthly Bonuses. Also we have what we call NOW Incentives. The 3 tops recruiters will recieve for 2...  #3 Winner a Movie #2 Winner a Movie & a Dinner and #1 Winner a Movie Dinner and a Night at a Hotel plus #100 Cash.


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