Back Office Features Guide

I.Access your Back Office

There is a lot of benefits if you subscribed to be our global agent, one of those is you have your own back office. You will find a lot of resources here to help you grow and be a successful Global Agent. To access this please follow instructions below:

  1. If you bought an eCard together with the Global Agent Subscription, you will have 4 available sites on your eCard Dashboard. Hover on My Sites to see all of them.
    • Dream Team Freedom - This is the main site (Read-only)
    • Your eCard Site - Administrator Rights
    • Back-office Main - Global Agent Level
    • Back Office - Global Agent Level
  2. Highlight Back Office Main and click Dashboard or Visit Site
    • On the dashboard - you can create ads and listings
    • Visit site is where you can access all resources

I.i.Members List and Affiliates

  1. Click Members and you will see a list of all Global Agents.
  2. You can add the members as a friend to be able to communicate with them through the built in Chat feature or private messaging. Just click add a friend and they will receive a notification. When they approve your request you will see them on your friends list.

I.ii.View and Submit Events

On this section you can view the list of upcoming events and you can also submit your event.

I.iii.Add or View Projects and Tasks

You can add projects for your affiliate group and assign tasks to individual members. 

  • Click add a project and you will be taken to the projects dashboard.
  • Populate the project form and publish.

I.iv.Browse ads and Listings or Submit your own

Your back office also allows you to browse ads and listings about jobs, services, and items. You can also post one of your own.

Ads are subject for approval of the Dream Team Freedom Management Team. Dream Team Freedom Management Team has the right to reject a listing or request a revision if deemed necessary.

I.v.Upload, Download, Share Files

You can also upload files that you want to share on the network using Files Manager an Article, News, etc.

  1. You can also published a blog post, news, or article.
  2. Go to your Backend and hover to posts then add new.
  3. You cannot delete other people's news or articles.

Reminder: Please refrain from posting other people's work without their knowledge or necessary permissions. Dream Team Freedom Team are not responsible for consequences that may arise.


I.vii.Purchase, Access your backend, Support

  1. Shop - This will take you to Dream Team Freedom Shop
  2. Backend - Access your backend to post blogs, articles, projects, listings, etc. You can also edit your profile here.
  3. Contact  Us - If you have issues, concerns, billing and sales, and technical problems, please fill in the form.

II.Your Main WP back end and its uses

  1. Home and My Sites - access your other sites on the network
  2. Blog Posts - View all articles, and post your own.
  3. eNewsletter - Read, publish, make a group, subscribe, change settings, etc. all functions of newsletter is here.
  4. Pages - you can create private pages but you cannot add it on the main navigation. You can only share the link.
  5. Events - You can add or edit your own event on this section. The process is similar to the front end procedure.
  6. Wiki - You can post Wikipedia articles here.
  7. Fun Facts - share jokes or anything funny to the network
  8. Projects - Similar to the front end, you can view and edit your projects here. You can publish new projects and assign tasks to your group members.
  9. File Away - Browse or upload files
  10. Contact - another contact form if you are much more comfortable using contact form 7
  11. Items - You can also view or edit an ad or listing on this section. You can also add a new one just like on the front end.=
  12. Media - You can do bulk upload of media files here
  13. Comments - Moderation of comments for your posts.
  14. Groups - View all public groups on the network
  15. Activity - All site activity listed here
  16. Invites - Use this to send email marketing invitations to potential affiliates.
  17. Profile - Edit your profile here.

III.Your Back Office Front End

  1. Resources - Training videos, marketing strategies, interesting articles, ebooks, etc. All that will help you grow your network is here. Just click on the link and it will take you there.
  2. Affiliates/Groups - Groups that you are part of will all be listed here.
  3. Calendar - You can access upcoming events by date.
  4. Wiki Articles posted by members will be shown here.
  5. Members that are having their birthdays will be shown.
  6. Events that are close to the date will show.
  7. All projects will be listed here.
  8. Tasks that are assigned to you are here.
  9. Fun Facts - Members that have posts to fun facts will be published here. (Please add new if the fun facts form is already filled up)

IV.Profile, languages, Chat, Resources

  1. You can access your profile, see notifications, do a search on the topbar. There is also an option to hide the sidebar and navigation menu.
  2. Log out - is on the sidebar. 
  3. Language selection - select your own language
  4. Chat - See who is online
  5. Chat Box - you can talk to other online users here
  6. Status - set your chat status
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