Terms & Conditions, Policy & Procedures

Independent Representative Agreement: (Global Agents/Affiliates)

Terms And Conditions, Policy and Procedures:

Dream Team Freedom (DTF)

Independent Contractor Status: All representatives are independent contractors with DTF, they are not franchises, joint ventures, partners, employees , or agents, of DTF. Representatives have no authority to bind DTF to any obligation.

Taxation: Representatives will not be treated as franchises, joint ventures, partners, employees, or agents of DTF, with respect to the internal revenue code, social security act, federal unemployment act, or any other federal, state, or local status, ordinance, rule , or regulation.

Indemnity Agreement: Each and every representative agrees to indemnity and hold harmless DTF, it's officers, agents , directors, against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost, or expense, included but not limited to attorney's fee arising or alleged to arise, in connection with that representative or any other representatives DTF business.

Legal Compliance: All  representatives shall comply with all federal statues and regulations, concerning, the operation of their business. Representatives agree to promptly notify company of any breach by any representative of any applicable laws.

No Exclusive Territories: As a DTF representative, you  have the right to function and market the companies product to and offer the business program to anyone residing in the U.S. and Globally.

Enrollment, Training ,and Termination of Representative: A representative who enrolls new representatives are required to ensure that they are properly trained with respect to DTF. Rules , and Regulations, Policies , and Procedures, the product line, sound business procedures and sales strategies are to be adhered to. Every representative in good standing, adhering to these rules and regulations has the right to enroll others in the DTF opportunity. Enrollees' must ensure that prospective representatives have read the Independent Representative Agreement and the "Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures", "Terms & Conditions", and "Auto Pay Agreement". When a prospective representative is invited to a DTF business related meeting , he or she is considered the contact of the person who initiated the invitation and is not eligible to sign up under any other representative. However, after two  weeks, if the initial contact  was not able to sign-up prospective representative, he or she can sign up with another representative  if they so desire.

Voluntary Termination: A representative may voluntary terminate his or her representative status at any time by sending  notarized written notification to DTF. Voluntary termination is effective upon receipt of said notice by the home office. Notification of termination will be forwarded to the affected parties.

Termination: When  a violation of the representative agreement or the rules and regulations are verified by DTF the company may elect to terminate the offending representative. In such case the following procedure may apply.

(1) DTF will send formal notice of intent to cancel said application.

(2) The offending representative will have 10 business days to represent his or her case for review.

(3) DTF will make the final decision concerning the termination.

Transfer of Sponsorship: Transfer of representatives from one level to another is not allowed.

Self Assign or Transfer: No representative may sell , assign, or otherwise transfer his or her representative entity (or representative rights) except as follows . No sale, assignment, or transfer of any representative entity (or representative rights) shall be effective without the written approval of DTF, DTF reserves the right to review any documents of sale or transfer. A representative may be transferred by request through a will. However to protect earing potentials of effected up line representatives . DTF reserves the right to approve or disapprove the new one.

Trademarks, Literature, and Advertising Trademark: Trademarks, Literature, and Advertising Trademark: The names of all DTF products "THE WORLDS SMARTEST ECARD," and "THE WORLDS SMARTEST SKINCARE" and "SEI BELLISSIMA" are the trademarks of DTF. Only DTF is authorized to produce and market products and literature under the trade names. Use of the DTF name or any item not produced by DTF, is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may the corporate name DTF or "THE WORLDS SMARTEST ECARD," and "THE WORLDS SMARTEST SKINCARE" and "SEI BELLISSIMA" may be used in any way.

Company Officers: No DTF officer's name, personal experience, or testimony may be used in and independent representatives literature or advertising except by permission of DTF and the individual party.

Literature: Only official DTF literature may be used in representing DTF products of the DTF opportunity. As advertising claims and representations must be kept within those found on the official literature.

Material Reproduction: No materials produced by DTF, may be reproduced , in whole or in part , in any way. Representative may not reproduce for sale any recorded company events or speeches without express prior written permission from DTF; nor may representatives reproduce for sale or for personal use any recording of company produced audio, video tapes, or computer software presentations.

Advertising: Only company approved materials (such as DTF, approved advertisements lists) may be used in the placement of any advertising in the print media. No person shall use the DTF, name, logos, trademark, or copyrighted material in any advertising without the express written consent of DTF.

Telephone Listing: Representatives may list in the white pages of the telephone directory their names followed by the words, DTF Independent Representative.

Electronic Media: The use of media advertising to promote DTF products is expressly prohibited without prior written approval of DTF. The prohibition extends but not limited to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

Products Retail Outlets: DTF may not be sold or displayed in any retail outlet, including, but not limited to drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, food stores, health food stores, or restaurants,
Service Orientated Establishments: DTF products may be displayed in establishments, such as salons, karate schools, and health fitness clubs, which derive the majority the majority of their volume by providing a service.

Public Events: The DTF opportunity may not be promoted at conventions, trade shows, or public events, without prior written consent of DTF.

Repackaging: Representatives may not repackage DTF products in any way.

Product Order: There will be a designated phone number for product orders only, Orders may placed by telephone or fax, Email, or on your Replicated Site. All orders must be mailed to the order department.

Product Payment: Products purchases, by the representative from the company, may be paid on your Replicated Site and by money order, cashier check , pre-approved personal check , pre-approved automatic payment service and wire bank transfer. Every effort will be made to ship the order within 7 to 14 days, from the receipt of the order. Product orders will be posted upon receipt at the Home Office, and credited towards the calendar week in which it was received. Any form of payment tendered to DTF that is not supported by sufficient funds constitutes breach of the representatives

Sales Taxes: All DTF Representatives are subject to applicable state sales tax, DTF provides the service of collecting state tax at the time of purchase and submitting it to the distributors local tax rate. Representatives can recoup their prepaid sales tax at the time of retail sale .Representatives preferring to collect , document, report, and pay their own sales tax may do so by sending DTF a "Sales Exemption Certificate' Said certificate must be received and acknowledged by the company prior to representative beginning to collect such taxes independently.

Customer Receipts: Representatives will provide all purchase of DTF with written receipts.
Product Order Voucher; A product order voucher that has ben issued to a representative may be used toward payment of products, gift items or others. Personal volumes will be credited appropriately when the voucher is used for product orders.

Stockpiling and front loading: All forms of stockpiling and front loading are strictly prohibited. A representative must order products based upon projected sales for the calendar period. Unnecessary stockpiling for the purpose of achieving qualification is also prohibited and may be grounds for termination.

Company Warranty: DTF will exchange for new products any product that is returned which is damaged in shipment or is substandard quality only. If the claim or request for exchange is made to the Company by phone or fax or email within 24 hours of delivery receipt. Refund requests for reasons other than quality control or damaged products may not be honored.

70% Rule: Subsequent to a representatives' initial product order , the representative must certify on all future orders that he or she has consumed or made retail products sales and has sold at least 70% of all products previously purchased products to avoid stockpiling.

Orders In Another Name: A representative is prohibited from submitting orders in the name of another representative without specific approval.

Assumed Name: a person or entity may not apply under an assumed name or alias.

Product Claims: No product claims medical or otherwise, not set forth in official company literature may be made . No representative or sales offers shall be made relating to DTF products which are not accurate and truthful as to price, grade, quality, performance, and availability.

Payment of Commission and Compensation: Representative will receive no compensation simply through the sponsoring of other representatives. The rate of compensation will be calculated according to the marketing program. Commissions and compensation is issued to the company upon request of such.

Total Genealogy Report: Is in GLOBAL AGENTS "Back Office"

No Commission On Sales Aids: No Commission will be paid on company sales aids and materials.

Document Deadlines: All orders and representative applications must be received by DTF no later than the last working day (Saturday) of the week to be included in that weeks commission compensations.

General Provisions: False or Misleading Projections : No false or misleading projections including those based solely on mathematical projections without regard to probable sales success , may be made to prospective representatives.

Amendments: DTF reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations set forth for herein , it's wholesale , and suggested retail prices, product availability, formulation, and marketing programs as it deems appropriate. Amendments are effective and binding on all distributors as of the date of issuance.

Unethical Practice: DTF may terminate the representative status of any representative who engages in any practice that adversely effects the positive and continual growth of the company or any representatives . In the event that any party shall be forced to enforce this agreement , the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive all attorney's fees and court costs incurred.

No Competition: No DTF representative will engage directly or indirectly in the following (1) In the solicitation , to another representative, or any other product or program that is not part of DTF.(2) I n the use of any official DTF materials or literature for any other purpose than to further their DTF business(3) In the contact of any person or representative associated with DTF for a period of one year subsequent to termination of their respective representatives.

Violation: DTF may terminate the representative status of any representative who violates the terms of the representative application or the DTF rules and regulations. Violations of any of these rules and regulations will be enforced upon a person to the fullest extent of the law, as DTF deems necessary.

Resolution and Arbitration: The company will make every effort through normal business practice to alleviate any claim or dispute. A company resolution board will attempt to settle any dispute . In the event of failure to settle the dispute, the laws of the State Of Florida will prevail under the rules of the American Arbitration Association . All arbitration will take place in Broward County, Florida.

Representative: A person or business entity is only authorized to distribute DTF products and receive compensation in accordance with the DTF Marketing Program "Rules And Regulations". Each representative is a fully independent contractor.

Legal Age: Representatives must be of legal age in the state they reside in.

Purchased Responsibility: No applicant is required to purchase any DTF products beyond the initial product order.

Annual Renewal: All representatives must be renewed annually. Representative must remit an annual renewal licensing fee of $250.00 for theire ECARD to DTF on or before each anniversary date of this agreement to continue their business the following year, and their continuing $30 Auto Payment for Club Membership/Licensing Fee.

Becoming a Representative: An applicant becomes a representative of DTF when the following requirements are completed; Applicant completes representatives application and OK's Terms and Conditions. Application has been received and approved by home office. Applicant may purchase DTF Business Representative Training Kit as an option . DTF reserves the right to decline any Representative Application Form.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Zone A: Shipping and Handling For Texas Only (Per 1 Box)

Zone B: Shipping and Handling For Other States (Per 1 Box)


Dream Team Freedom does not guarantee the income and earing potential for it's Global Agents. The Global Agents will be provided all pertinent materials and training as to enable them to pursue the opportunities and earnings that their independent business can provide by participating in the Dream Team Freedom Referral , Royalty Rebate Program. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person, as with any business , success comes, only from dedicated sales efforts, hard work and diligence, take the lead and go forth and succeed, the time and effort you put into your business will maximize your independent success.


Monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" Agreement ” and “Dream Team Freedom" contained in this disclaimer hereafter and represents that he/she is 18 years of age or older.

Payment for Monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" Month-to-month fees are to be paid by equal monthly automatic withdrawal pursuant to this “Auto Pay Agreement.” if payments are subject to automatic withdrawal, the following agreement applies.

Credit Card/Auto Pay Agreement

I authorize “Dream Team Freedom” to charge my credit/debit card account, or deduct from my checking or savings account, for payment of

my monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" on the due date shown on my online bill, or on the date I have selected during the signup process.

This authorization will remain in effect until revoked by me, through a written request submitted to Dream Team Freedom requesting any changes to the active status of this payment authorization. I understand that Dream Team Freedom indicated above reserve the right to end this payment plan and my participation therein.

I agree to notify the Dream Team Freedom of changes in the expiration date, card number, or account status.

I agree to allow Dream Team Freedom to store my account information, for the sole purpose of making the indicated payments. I release and hold harmless Dream Team Freedom from liability or damages resulting from the loss or theft of information. All information is held in accordance with the privacy policies of Dream Team Freedom.

All sales are final and non-assignable, there is a three day grace period , monthly fees shall be the amount pursuant to the current fee schedule for the agreed

$30 CLUB MEMBERSHIP/LICENSING FEES. The categories, the rules and matters affecting or relating to the use of the Dream Team Freedom website and back office shall be under complete control of Dream Team Freedom. The fees applicable to any category of the Dream Team Freedom company in it's entirety and any other charges imposed by them ” from time to time pursuant to applicable State law, as well as postings of increases on the website and prior notification. However, GLOBAL AGENTS/AFFILIATES who have entered into a yearly contract (by either paying in full or pursuant to the monthly payment option) SHALL NOT BE subject to an increase during the term. GLOBAL AGENTS/AFFILIATES who have entered into month-to-month (automatic renewal) contracts, SHALL BE subject to the monthly increase beginning the next full month following the increase.

IF for some reason your monthly $30 "CLUB MEMBERSHIP/ LICENSING FEES" are not current and up to date your REFERRAL ROYALTY REBATES will be witheld.

By reading, and signing , you agree to the terms and conditions between you and Dream Team Freedom.


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